FIRST, Click on the manifesting program to order it. Then if you would like to order additional manifesting programs for family members or friends who are NOT on Stacey’s email list, and/or order other add on options such as infused bracelets or hats, click on the manifesting shop button on the menu to order additional products.

Remember to order all the add on options you desire while you are here. The bracelet, lucky duck hat and additional decks can only be ordered at the time when you purchase 1 manifesting deck at regular price. You can also purchase these for family members and others who are NOT on Stacey’s email list.

You will need to provide the first and last names of those you purchased for after checking out. Source will infuse your products divinely for them. There will be a webform emailed to you for this purpose.

All products ordered together will  be sent to 1 shipping address that you provide.